Guadalcanal Veterans
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Don Bishop
Bloody Ridge, New Britain, Peleliu

We were up on that ridge (Bloody Ridge) I had dug a hole and broke my back carrying two boxes of grenades. I put them down in my hole, and stood on them. Once the Japanese starting attacking, they tried to outflank us. No one was firing, we were just flicking hand grenades down the side of the ridge. We would leave them out on the edge ready to go - that’s the way we would do. During this, this friend of mine, Lincoln came over and asked me for some of my grenades to throw himself. I told him "I broke my neck carrying them." Then, he stuck around, and gave me this baseball stuff - about how to throw them. I told him "Get back in your own hole - your drawing attention to us!" Down further from our position was where Mitch Page was...

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