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Alfred Weinzierl
Chief Japanese Researcher & Translator

Born January 10, 1964 in Munich, Germany. He got interested in WWII Pacific, at age 6 after watching the movie "Heaven Knows Mr. Alison" one cold winter winter, and from the stories of his granduncle who went to Japan during the war on a German submarine. Alfred recalls: "He always showed me one photo where he is standing on the steps of a hotel in Kobe with a few Japanese Navy Officers."

Alfred moved to Japan 1985. Rapidly, he learned Japanese and worked as a translator and interpreter for lawyers of the Osaka Bar Association, and as a German / English Teacher. Today, he lives in Osaka, and is married to his wife Harumi with two children. He is also a black belt in Jyujutsu.

A Japanese historian in his own right, Alfred has contributed tp several books related to Japan's wartime history. He is most interested in WWII Japan, especially Army history. He has translated four books on WWII for Japanese publishers.

Harumi and Alfred Weinzierl
(l to r) Harumi and Alfred Weinzierl in Osaka Japan

Published Credits:

Books Translations
Artbox / Japanese Infantry Weapons
Artbox / SS Uniforms
Artbox / Tiger & Tiger Fibel
Aero Detail / Me-262 (Retranslation)

Magazine Artile Credits
Scale Aviation (Japan) - Contributor
Armor Modeling (Japan) - Contributor
Maru Special Edition - Yamato & Musahi Article
Jet & Prop (Germany) - Japan Correspondent &
Interview with Saburo Sakai
Tank Magazine (UK) - Article on Japanese Tanks