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During WWII, massive tunnel systems were excavated and built by the Japanese forces around Papua New Guinea (PNG) during their years of occupation. In Wewak Township, an equally large, but all together forgotten tunnel systems also exist. Immediately after the war, it was sealed shut, complete with weapons, contents and the remains of its defenders entombed inside.

Permission Granted to Explored These Sealed Tunnels
No serious effort has ever been made to explore and document this tunnel area, until today. Next month, Pacific Ghosts, a critically acclaimed historical company, has been granted permission by the Papua New Guinea National Museum to explore and document these tunnels for the first time... in October 2003.

The Team
Pacific Ghosts' founder, Justin Taylan is a professional videographer and webpage designer. His two projects, www.pacificwrecks.com and www.pacificghosts.com are renowned resources and information on topics related to the Pacific War. Instrumental in the project is New Zealander, John Douglas, a Papua New Guinea resident who has been responsible for countless WWII discoveries in New Guinea for the past decade.
The exploration team will also consist of the curator of the Modern History Department, a PNG Self-Defense Force soldier specializing in EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) and videography unit. Their mission will be to explore, document, map and identify the contents of the cave system, and make recommendations about their future to the PNG Museum, and government of Japan.

Inside the Tunnels
Behind feet of concrete used to seal the two known entrances, are a series of tunnels and a forgotten world yet to be explored. Pacific Ghosts' work will include interviews with locals who built the tunnels, and worked in them during the war. Also, the ex-patriot who sealed the tunnels immediately after the war, and will be assisting the team in navigation thru the vast area of tunnels. Exactly what will be found is yet to be determined. For sure, an underground hospital, with the remains of its occupants is one location. This tomb will be documented, and relayed to the Japanese government for proper burial and services. Also, vast amounts of munition and armaments for the system's large artillery guns and cannons that were emplaced in the area. Also, the team is targeting storage areas for Japanese aircraft, such as the Ki-43 "Oscar" and Ki-61 "Tony" fighters, stored in crates, or component parts. There are also rumors of hidden caches of gold and other war booty. The real 'treasure' is the undisturbed tunnels themselves, and the mysteries they will reveal.
The team's findings will be made public after the exploration is complete at www.pacificghosts.com

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