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41st Fighter Squadron

41st Fighter Squadron
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Buzz Saw
41st Fighter Squadron
"The Flying Buzzsaws"
Composer - Graham Brown

Graham Brown was born in 1969 in a Glasgow suburb and shared the same music teacher as Sheena Easton. Coming from a musical family, his talent was encouraged from an early age and through the years he has become proficient on trumpet, cornet and voice and has self taught himself piano and bass guitar.

He served for 6 years as a professional musician in the UK Armed Forces in the Regimental Band of 1 RHF (The Royal Highland Fusiliers) from 1987-1993, taking in the famous Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall, on a one year pupil's course. Passing the course with distinction and merited with 6 certificates, he returned to his band to arrange and compose.

Shortly after returning from Kneller Hall, the Gulf War flared up and music was put on hold for a few months while he was sent on First Aid and NBC courses. He took post in the Gulf in January 1991 and served with American and British soldiers at 22 Field Hospital. So strong were his feelings about the nature of the war and how it had affected himself and his friends, that he wrote an 80 minute long concept album entitled "Time" and here the composer was freed.

Following the completion of his 6 year contract, he left the Forces to pursue a career in music. He played in numerous showbands and toured many times to locations like Cyprus, Kenya, New York and LA. He joined "The Other Commitments" as a trumpet player and singer, where he remained for 5 years. He has recently left the band to complete a MA in Composition for Film and TV at Kingston University in London.

He was excited to be offered the opportunity to write the score for the "41st Fighter Squadron" Video. He said, "Through my own experiences of War, albeit on a minuscule level compared to these heroes, I could really understand what these veterans were saying. It was absolutely fascinating to listen to them reminisce and I have the greatest of respect for all of them. One gentleman said that he wouldn't endure the war again for $2bn and I echoe those sentiments exactly. I am very glad I went to the Gulf as it was a life changing and development experience and I owe it to the Gulf to have brought out the composer in me, but never again..."

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