Kenneth N. Walker

First Fighters In New Guinea - Scenes
Lae Aerodrome - results of bombing and strafing. A6M2 Zero fighters and G4M1 Betty bombers abandoned at the strip from Tainan Kokutai. View of wreckage, presentation numbers, hinomarus, wreckage. General Kenney 5th Air Force commander decorating officers and men at Kila Drome in Port Moresby, as personnel look on. P-38 Lightnings at Kila Drome. Engine change on P-38 with a-frame, small tractor. Working on silver P-38, with drop tanks, cleaning and servicing plane. Take off of P-38s from strip, Green nose P-38s returning from mission, filing out after action reports for crew chiefs.

Native child climbing tree for coconuts, getting cigarette from Americans. B-25 Mitchells of the 345th Bomb Group "Air Apaches" warming up at Nadzab for a mission. Taxing and take off. Views off B-25 "The Wolf" nose art, mission markings and details on aircraft's guns Cape Glochester views of camp area, mud, rain, men trying to stay dry. Flight in B-17 over New Guinea, view out nose window. Rest camp in Northern Australia, drinking beer, officers playing enlisted men in baseball. P-39 pilot hamming it up for camera. Drinking 'green' Australian beer, first drink in six months, celebration.

Flying in a PBY Catalina along coastline, water landing and take off. Landing on a river to pickup a downed pilot, Australian officer, happy to be rescued. Natives row him to the plane in a canoe. Sunset. P-39s landing, taxing in New Guinea and Australia. Crews relaxing around jeeps and trucks. Men with pith helmets and gear loading into C-47, flight over New Guinea to Mt. Hagen.  Locals gathered around plane, Chief comes to introduce himself, women at market. Bird of Paradise feathers traded, men playing soccer game. Sharing photographs and jeep to the local people. Men gathered with war-paint and spear to hunt after Japanese. Police Boy instructing men. Sunset in New Guinea. [ Previous ]

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