Kenneth N. Walker

First Fighters In New Guinea - Scenes
Australia - Men listening to chaplain's sermon. Men with equipment and guns packed to ship out to New Guinea. Promotion ceremony. Engineering staff Major McNee congratulating officers. Lunch time for the pilots with AUstralian beer. GIs loading up on 2 ton trucks in motor convoy

Milne Bay - Views of harbor and sunken transports n harbor. American GIs unloading and casuals shots on the dock area. Building camp site, in coconut plantation near fighters strip. Australian Beaufort landing. P-39 Airacobras landing on marston matting. Using wing with RAF markings. After rain storm, flooded runway. P-39s parked with drop tanks.

3-Mile (Kila Drome) P-38s landing at 3 mile, Port Moresby and taxing. P-39s taking off. P-39s being serviced in tropical heat, allison engine change and servicing with block and tackle under canvas sheet. Pilots going to chow, boiling water, bake shop, and signs around Milne Bay base. C-47 landing, young native children. Completed camp at Milne Bay. P-38 pilots in flight gear, from 80th Fighter Squadron after a mission and describing dogfights with their hands.

January 1943, Japanese bombing mission at Milne Bay, hit by bombers, fuel on fire and aircraft destroyed on the ground. Burned out bombers and trucks.  Japanese tank abandoned off side of the road. Japanese prisoner blindfolded with Australian guard. New Guinea sunset. General Wurthsmith 5th Fighter Command, decorating officers and men of the 36th Fighter Squadron wearing dress uniforms. Yellow nosed P-38s of the 80th Fighter Squadron, sign with 203 Japanese planes shot down, signs around base came for 8th Fighter Group. [ More ]

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