Kenneth N. Walker

Kenneth N. Walker was one of the major players in the formulation of doctrine at the Air Corps Tactical School where he served as a bombardment instructor during the crucial years of 1929 - 1934 prior to WWII.

He devoted his career to two related objectives: establishment of strategic bombing as the Air Corps’ primary wartime mission and the establishment of an independent Air Corps , able to support and pursue that objective. In August 1941 Walker and three colleagues created the Air War Plan (AWPD), which described requirements for U. S. victory in the air.

Walker left for the Pacific in 1942. Walker had built his career on a strategic bombing theory based on an industrialized enemy. New Guinea had no industrial centers. He quickly undertook his education by accompany 5th Bomber Command units on missions against the Japanese.

He led a daylight raid on Rabaul on January 5, 1943 and never returned. For his courage and self-sacrifice, he earned the Medal of Honor, posthumously.

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