Kenneth N. Walker

Kenneth N. Walker –  Video Credits

Video by
Justin R. Taylan

Chaplain Richard K. Hum, Col. USAF
Chaplain James May, Lt. Col., USA

Chaplain Richard K. Hum, Col. USAF

Arlington Lady
Miriam A. Towey

Arlington Cemetery Representative
William E. Vogleson, Jr.

Military Honors Units Military District of Washington
Maj. Jerry Carter
Memorial Affairs Officer and Escort for Next of Kin

3rd U. S. Infantry “The Old Guard”
Fort Meyr, VA

Capt. Jason Pardue
Funeral Officer in Charge

First Sgt. Steven Stokes
Funeral NCO in Charge
Company C -  Marching Platoon
Firing-party Platoon
Casket-team Platoon
Color Guard
Personal Colors Bearer
Company H  - Caisson Platoon
Caparisoned Horse Escort
Salute Gun Battery
U.S. Army Band, "Pershings Own", and Bugler

U.S.A.F. B-52 Stratofortress Flyover
23rd BS “The Bomber Barons”, Minot AFB, SD
B-52 Stratofortress Flight Crew
Maj. Joseph Gootee
Capt. John Bleil, Flight Commander
1st Lt. Lizabeth Smith
Capt. Glen Shilland
1st Lt. Daniel Hendrix
Capt. James Wamhoff

Floral Arrangements
American War Orphans Network
California Friends
Richard Bender
Martin Connelly
David McGuire
Alonzo Wiemers


"Recollections of Kenneth Walker"
Kenneth N. Walker, Jr.
Douglas P. Walker

5th Bomber Command Veteran
William T. Travis

“Did Gen. Walker survive?”
Eugene M. Monihan

WWII Footage

Rabaul Raid – 5 January 1943
43rd & 90th Bomb Groups of the 5th Bomber Command
Special thanks to Dorothy Dougherty, National Archives
Photograph: B-17 “San Antonio Rose” 43rd Bomb Group
Richard O. Henning Collection via Lawrence J. Hickey

Family & Friends
Kenneth N. Jr. & Marion Walker

Douglas P. Walker & Susan B. Edmands

Alexandra H. Walker
Gen. Walker’s granddaughter

Aubrey F. Walker
Gen. Walker’s granddaughter

Benjamin B. and Chiara A. Edmands

Richard & Janet Barovick

William H. Bartsch

John Berlau

Fred L. Blakeman, Capt. USN-ret.

Order of Daedalians, National Capitol Flight

Devol Brett , Lt. Gen. USAF-ret.
Son of  Maj. Gen. George Brett
5th Air Force Commander through mid-1942

Howard Brett, II

Maj. Gen. George Brett’s grandson 

Preston* & Gloria Bryant
*Editor of Gen. Walker’s biography,
Air University Press, Maxwell AFB, AL

Mary Lee (Andrews) Clendenin
Daughter of William K. Andrews, served with Gen. Walker
in the 11th Bomb. Sqd. and a lifelong friend

Dorothy Dougherty
Archivist, National Archives

Virginia Foote 

Bryan & Heather Franz

Patricia Gaffney-Ansel
President, American War Orphans Network (AWON)

June Price Grimes
Wife of Maj.Victor Grimes, served on Gen. Walker’s staff

Alfred Hagen

Sandra P. Higgins

Laird Koenig

Antonia McGinn

Lindsay Mattison 

Eugene M. Monihan

Leslie Grimes Mosher

Maj. Grimes’ daughter

Jeff Norman

Janice Olson
Director, B-17 Project Pacific Theatre Project
Daughter of Col. Olson, Pilot, 5th Bomber Command

Chuck Polk, Cmdr. USCG
Accompanied William Travis

Anthony Sarchiapone

Mark & Susan Schneider

Bragi & Janny  Schut

John L. Sullivan, Col. USAF-ret.

Justin Taylan

William W. Travis

Tony Wiseman



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