Richard E. Smith
Richard E. Smith in October 1943

Richard E. Smith
Richard E. Smith in January 2006

In memory: Richard Eugene Smith
passed away February 19, 2006
in retirement at Andalusia, Alabama

Richard E. Smith
39th Fighter Squadron P-38 Pilot & 7 victory Ace
Smith served in the early days of the Pacific air war, flying the Lightning in New Guinea. He is the only known ace pilot who reunited with the very aircraft he once flew, P-38H "Japanese Sandman II" 42-66905 as the war left it, in New Guinea. Profiled in the Pacific Ghosts CD-ROM, he shares an interview about his wartime experiences:
Flying the P-38 Lightning in Combat
Japanese Sandman Nose art & Nickname
Flying in New Guinea
Battle of the Bismarck Sea
Port Moresby Raid April 12, 1943
Mission over Madang & Double Victory
Flying P-47's & Stateside Flight Instruction
Visiting "Japanese Sandman" in 1986
39th Fighter Squadron Reunions
Recovery of Japanese Sandman
Pacific Ghosts CD-ROM & Fan Mail
"Snuffy" Smith reunited with Sandman
Richard E. Smith's WWII Victories & Log Book
Date Location Type
Jan 6, 1943 Gasmata A6M Zero
Mar 3, 1943 Bismark Sea A6M Zero
Apr 12, 1943 Port Moresby G4M1 Betty
4 & 5
July 21, 1943 Bogadjim Ki-61 Tonys
July 23, 1943 Lae Ki-43 Oscar
Sept 23, 1943 Finchafen Ki-43 Oscar